‘Tis the Season: Christmas Decorating on a Budget

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again!

With four days remaining before Christmas 2016, there are two real possibilities. One, you’re either already done decorating for the season or two, you’ve procrastinated, agreed to hosting your friends and family, and are currently panicking because you have no decor prepared. Before you start cutting snowflakes out of paper and taping them to the walls, don’t panic. I’m here to give you some simple seasonal decorating tips that you can copy in no time!

‘Tis the season for festive decor and breathtaking views of the City of Brotherly Love!

1. Light it up

Windowsills are blank spaces patiently waiting to be decorated for the season. Instead of using them as additional seating, jazz them up! When it was time to do our shopping, I was careful to keep our ‘sill in mind because the possibilities are endless and easy.

This pre-lit garland from Walmart looks cute and festive on our windowsill, and was a steal for around $17. I was afraid that it would look tacky, but I was certainly in awe when we unpacked it and styled it to our liking. To spice it up even further, I added the snowman tealight burner from Sonoma, an brand exclusive to Kohl’s department stores, another $17 addition. Last but not least, just because everything is artificial doesn’t mean the apartment should be void of Christmas scents. The pine scented Yankee Candle is the perfect way to bridge the gap.

2. Artificial does not equal tacky

As long as we’re still talking Christmas and not botched cosmetic surgeries, it’s true. Artificial trees are completely en-vogue, and are a savior when you’re in a pinch or live in a city where finding a real tree is a pricey and troubling endeavor. Tell me, do you think an Uber driver would let a rider strap a festive pine to the roof of their car? Probably not, but there’s no need to worry because this artificial tree from Walmart was not only easy on the wallet for $40, but also looks surprisingly full and real looking. Buy two packs of white lights to throw on and you’re all set! Side note: the white lights around the window were a bonus! Who knew you could buy white wire Christmas lights?! These may just become a permanent decoration!

1xmaspillow    xmas

3. Toss around some throw pillows

Another addition to our winter wonderland themed apartment are holiday throw pillows. This quick and relatively cheap swap out seemed to be the the final touches that we didn’t realize that we were missing. The selection of holiday throw pillows at Marshalls was overwhelming (in a good way!) and we ended up leaving with all three of these pillows. A similar Merry Christmas throw pillow ornament pillow (similar), and a similar cheers pillow can be found at these links. Each of these pillows were priced around $12 to $17.


4. Ornaments, ornaments, ornaments, oh my!

Perhaps one of the most important parts of decorating for Christmas is selecting the ornaments, and so many questions arise in the process. What’s the theme? Will it match the rest of the decor? What is too much? What is not enough? My advice: don’t fret the small things. When in doubt, choose a neutral color scheme and add a pop of color of your choosing. We went with snowflakes, frosted pine cones, and a variety of neutral ornaments from the holiday collection at Target. We decided to stick with gold and found these gold, shatterproof ball ornaments and this simple variety pack with pops of pink and green.


Moral of the story: simple and sweet is key

If the photos haven’t already revealed this to you, then I’ll break the news. My roommate and I are obsessed with the simplistic, classy, minimalist look for two reasons: it’s easy to pull off while being ascetically pleasing. Our holiday decor is no different. This Christmas is the first time that I’ve ever had full decorative freedom and control and I wasn’t going to let anything prevent me from making the most of it (okay, I’m a little stubborn). Not only that, but the ornaments our parents collect over the years and insist on putting on the tree every year don’t add up to a cohesive look. It’s good to appreciate the sentimental value, but it’s okay to start fresh.


What do you think of our finished look? Tell me what you love (or would change!) in the comments below, and have a very merry Christmas!


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